The End


Javier is an obsessed artist who is grieving the end of a relationship. His sorrow comes as a combination of memories, instinct and denial, and the mourning’s harsh feelings will compromise his sense of reality. Surrounded by doubt, and subjected to several addictions, Javier fights to find peace – until his lattermost move take him to a surrealistic emotional purgatory.

The absurdity in which Javier finds himself might be a way out of the pain, and his redemption to love and all endings. But first he needs to confront his demons and to take one last chance into the pleasures of the flesh.

Director: Noel Alejandro
Cast: Pierre Emö, Bishop Black & Manuel Voss.
Year: 2018
Length: 22 Minutes
Language: English
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  1. Rexxx

    Please keep up the great work and thank you for using a beautiful black actor like Bishop Black!

  2. Martin

    I just purchased this movie and Is really as should be gay erotic movie (touching and very sensual), camera is just gorgeous, music is excellent and directing superb.My big thanks to all your actors in all your movies. I just fall in love with Pierre Emö. Hope this film is not “The End” of your work and we will be enjoying another of your movies. My Wish is to buy from you film, where running time is about 90+ min. And I will pay even £100 for it. Thank You NOEL.

  3. bobsainclar

    Hi Noel
    Thank you for your greats videos. For The End”, i tried to purchase with two differents credit cards, rejected for all of them. Can you help me ?


    • noelalejandro

      Sure, I’ve sent you an easy money request.

  4. Ali

    ???? ???? ????? ??? ?????? ???? ????? ??? ????? ?????????

    • noelalejandro

      Hi, send me an email to and I’ll replay you back with an easy money request.

  5. David

    Hola, lo primero felicitarte por tu trabajo, es algo diferente y no me pierdo ni una de tus películas. Estoy teniendo problemas con el pago, con la visa debit inglesa (la usé para comprar las demás) pero me dice que mi orden ha sido rechazada).

    ¿Me podrías facilitar otro método de pago? Muchas gracias,
    Un saludo.

    • noelalejandro

      Hola david. Claro! Ya te he enviado una money request. Gracias!

  6. Marcel

    So it’s not possible to buy your movies via paypal right away?

    • noelalejandro

      Hi, for now I can only send money requests by mail. Soon will be possible inmost of the countries.

  7. Chris

    Still can’t make purchase, really want to get this movie, but keeps declining can you help?

    • noelalejandro

      Hi chris, I’ve just sent you an easy money request 😉

  8. Richard Keller

    Hi Noel I’ma a little bit confused … if I make the shop, the download is only digital or do you send a DVD movie? Thank you

    • noelalejandro

      Hi Richard, after the payment you can download a digital full HD file that you can keep forever.

  9. Juan

    Noel, te puedo preguntar qué cámaras usas?
    Me encanta la definición, la luz, los tonos de color. Es muy lindo. Amo este tipo de trabajo de cámaras, edición.

    Seria un sueño yo poder tener por empleo este oficio.

    • noelalejandro

      uso la RUSA mini 4,6k, todo depende del tratamiento de luz y de color que le des.. Gracias por ver mis films, un abrazo.

  10. Dejan Racic

    How do I become a member? It seems I cannot make the purchase because I am not already a member..

    • noelalejandro

      Hi Dejan, normally you should not have a problem to buy, let me know if this persists, I can also send you a money request by mail.

  11. Dominique Kenique

    Yesterday, i saw the movie, i would have love to be the only one on earth to see it. I fall in love again with.

  12. Alex

    Beautiful! Your movies are so different from other from porn industry. This is what we need, more passion, love, intimacy.

  13. Danny

    What is the soundtrack of The End?

    • noelalejandro

      it’s a secret

      • Danny

        Please tell me, It’s really great music.

  14. ybxl


  15. Stefaan

    Allready did the purchase! No trailer yet?


  16. Angel Rodriguez

    Hi Noel! I am a huge fan of your films. I feel like you capture true intimacy and raw passion better than any mainstream porn studio or director could ever dream of achieving. I hope you continue making many films and exploring different kinds of emotions/ connections shared between people. Gracias por compartir tu arte – Angel

    • noelalejandro

      Thank you so much for your words 🙂 Muchas gracias por tu apoyo de verdad

  17. reed selbst

    i jerk off all the time to your films. more nip play and spit swap. always bare.

    • Noel Alejandro

      I’ll see what I can do

  18. Jacob

    Hi Hola,
    Do you know what the running time, how long this film will be?
    Sabes que larga, cuanto minutos sera esta pelicula?

    Big fan, i have all your films
    Soy fan, tengo todas tus pelis

    gracias- thanks ?

    • noelalejandro

      Hi, sure! It will last around 21 min. ?