Eloi & Biel


They woke up that morning eager to explore. Out of town, in a country house far from the world, they’ll feel each other as never before. Drinking wine with no glasses, from kiss to touch, to arouse, to desire – and even so still easy, still calm, still conscious of every centimetre of each others bodies. The secret places of pleasure. The secret pleasures of love.

In his very first short film, Noel Alejandro brakes all stereotypes and presents an explicit sex movie that’s actually about love. Through beautifully simple, natural scenes, Eloi & Biel shows the irresistible intimacy of love meeting pleasure. A passionate encounter with emotion, lust, and authentic climaxes

Director: Noel Alejandro
Cast: Eloi and Biel
Year: 2013
Length: 25 min
Subtitles: English
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  1. Your review is awaiting approval

    Beautiful scenes, hot top 🙂

  2. Mark Everett Sanders

    So far my favorite movie of Noel’s. I especially liked that the guys were clean shaven not much into beards which is why I probably didn’t like Hairy. I wait anticipating the next film.

  3. SlowMo

    So much emotion and intensity in this scene. You can tell that they love each other! Just Beautiful~ __< I would not mind if this scene was re-released with a "Director's Cut" version OR an "UNCUT" version just to see a little bit more!! This film will without a doubt become the greatest of all-time~~ Anyone agree? 😉

    • Surachai

      I agree with you. 🙂

  4. Surachai

    Hello please bring back Eloi & Biel for your new film again. I like this couple very much.

  5. Roger Thompson

    I love this film, but during the fucking scenes I never see the top’s cock going in and out of his boyfriends ass. If they are boyfriends I don’t know why they wouldn’t show bare penetration.

    • noelalejandro

      the cock is there, I can tell you 😉

  6. Nanuk_bcn

    Muy buen corto!me ha puesto a mil!

  7. teddybear99

    great intimacy and even the pillow talk was realistic. very sexy

  8. mlant

    Not porn but a story of making love. Great camera angles, realistic acting. Just like in real life (and a great cum scene). Absolutely brilliant! Thanks for posting.

  9. quercus

    Thanks to Google these two non actors are a couple in real life.I thought this would be a run of the mill gay love story, I was pleasantly surprised.

  10. laoist111


  11. cheekylad01

    Too cute!

  12. chunkyfood

    wow… this is not porn… it’s art

  13. schmidt280

    fucking hot bushes,cocks and balls and lovely hot cummmm