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All My Films – 49,95€


SPECIAL OFFER only till September 31st, (then 49,95€)
Full access to all of Noel Alejandro’s gay erotic films. Includes every work from 2011 to today (day of your purchase):

The Seed (NEW) // Sweat // The End // Trivial // Call Me a Ghost // Doing Elliot // The cable guy // Thank you // Roomies // Badmedicine // Eloi & Biel // Hairy (bonus)

Downloadable pack: Instant delivery to your mail (You download 12 movies)

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  1. Your review is awaiting approval

    Nice teasers! I bought the pack, but I can’t Watch or download the moovie! If you can help me!
    Teasing time?

  2. xlostnspacex

    You’re films are magic! I saw Trivial and hoped that there was more out there. I am happy that I get to support your directly. I am so excited for The End, seeing a beautiful man of color that looks like me in your film is a nice bonus!!

    • noelalejandro

      thanks a lot for your support 🙂

  3. Did

    I wanna purchase all your film by PayPal, my card is systematically refused. Can you send me the link please?

    • noelalejandro

      sure! Now it’s sent.

  4. Leroy

    How can I buy all movies on paypal?

    • noelalejandro

      hi, you only need to send me an email (or give a valid email here so I can send you the easy money request). After the transaction is completed you will instantly receive an email with all the downloadable urls.

  5. Andrea

    Hi Noel,
    can purchase your films through PayPal? My card gets constantly declined.

    • noelalejandro

      Hi Andrea, I’ve just sent you an easy money request 😉

  6. DuncanIdahoItaly

    Are there present english subtitles in the films? I read that You should insert these ?

    • noelalejandro

      hi! no I don’t have english subtitles yet but there is almost no talk on my films. You’ll find a very easy english

  7. Brad

    Hi Noel, I’m in love with your work. I wanted to let you know some of it has been published on pornhub and I think you should have it taken down it deserves better. Also, am I able to buy DVD copies of these movies. Thanks!

  8. Kai Grumbach

    Dear Noel, when I will buy „all Films“ does it means, I also will see the films you will produce or do I only get the 9 movies you produced until now?

    Thank you for answering

    Greetings and Merry Christmas

    • noelalejandro

      Hi Kai, you get all the films produced and released till the moment you buy. thanks!

  9. tom

    Hi! You do amazing work. Can I send you a PayPal payment? Best, T

    • noelalejandro

      sure! my account is noelalejandro, thank you!

  10. Eric Yeung

    Hi Noel,

    I wanna purchase all your film by PayPal. Can you send me the link please? Thanks!


    • noelalejandro

      Sure! Sent

  11. smith

    para cuando hay dobladas al español o subtituladas al español

    • noelalejandro

      Por el momento no hay un planteamiento de subtitular las películas. Pero tomo nota.

  12. Pablo

    CoMo se puede pagar por PayPal?

    • noelalejandro

      Tienes que enviarme un email a pidiéndome pagar por Paypal y te enviaré un enlace especial 🙂

  13. Jorge

    Hola Noel!
    Pagás la membresía con la tarjeta y después te llega un link para descargar las películas?
    Mil gracias!

    • noelalejandro

      Exacto, tras pagar con tu tarjeta recibirás un email automático con los links de descarga.

  14. Paul

    Can you please make your films available on DVD?

    • noelalejandro

      A DVD edition of my films is still not planned. I really prefer HD downloadable files, they last forever and quality is superior.

  15. Jhon

    I’ll get the popcorn ready, some alcohol and a bottle of lube. I’m hesitating if I should watch it alone or in good company…

    • Mardun


  16. Gary


    I bought the “All my films” pack in April. Does this give me access to the new Trivial film? I love your work, by the way! THANKS.


    • noelalejandro

      Hi! Normally you can only have access to the films released till the day you made the purchase. thanks!

  17. Aaron


    La compra es un DVD o BlueRay ? o es solo para descarga ?

    Excelente trabajo, felicidades !!

    • noelalejandro

      Son descargas digitales. Gracias!

  18. Camilo

    Hola! Tuve inconvenientes al tratar de pagar con tarjeta, ¿qué otros medios de pago hay?

    • noelalejandro

      Hola! La alternativa rápida es Paypal. Te enviaré un enlace de pago fácil. Disfruta!

  19. Leo

    En iPad se pueden ver¿…?

    • noelalejandro

      sí, aunque debes descargarlos en iTunes antes y pasarlos a tu dispositivo. De no saber hacerlo puedo suministrarte enlaces alternativos.

  20. tek02

    quiero comprar el pack donde vienen todas las películas pero me rechaza el pago todas las veces que lo intentado, puedo pagar por PayPal?

    • noelalejandro

      claro! Te he enviado un enlace.

  21. John


  22. John

    I would love to get the “All My Films” Pac with PayPal.
    Would you prefer II email you directly from my gmail account or is this ok?

    • noelalejandro

      Hi, of course! I just sent you an easy money request. Enjoy!

  23. Balázs


    Can you add english subtitle to the films?

    From Hungary

    • noelalejandro

      Oh sure I would love to do that soon 🙂

  24. reg

    Compré este pack hace unos meses, puedo bajar Trivial o tengo que comprarla aparte?


    • noelalejandro

      El pack the todas las películas contiene las películas estrenadas hasta la fecha de la compra 🙂 Espero que hayas disfrutado mis películas!

  25. jp

    How much does it cost to purchase all “all my films” in US Dollars to your

    • noelalejandro

      Hi! The conversion depends on the value of the currency 🙂

      • jp

        Thank you for your reply. I have PayPal account. According to my calculation it should be $45.55 US dollars is equivalent to €39.95. I will email you when I after I put the amount in PayPal. Hopefully, the amount is correct.

        Thank you,


        • noelalejandro

          Hi, normally you have to follow the link I sent you by mail and Paypal will make the conversion automatically. Enjoy!

  26. Pierre


    If i buy the “all my films” pack, does it mean that for a period of 365 days I get access to all your movies, including the ones that will be released throughout the year and aren’t released yet? ?

    Let me know,
    also you rock .

    • noelalejandro

      Hi! You will have access to all the films released till now and forever, not only for those 365 days 🙂

      • Raife

        Hi! Great movies. I purchased the “all films” over the summer, and am excited to download your new movie. How do I go about doing that?

  27. Now

    Je voudrais savoir si une fois le mail reçu avec les vidéos à télécharger. Ses vidéos son comme un dvd, je peux les ranger dans mon disque dure et les regarder plus tard ?

    Merci de votre réponse.

    • noelalejandro

      Bon jour, oui parcequ’ils sont des fichiers digital 🙂

  28. Fercho

    Compre todo el pack y por el momento solo he visto Doing Elliot y debo decir que me ha fascinado !!!
    No puedo esperar para ver las demás
    Well done !!!

  29. Ivan

    ¡Hola! Si compro este paquete de todos los films, ¿significa que podré recibir todos los próximos gratis?

    • noelalejandro

      Hola Iván, ojalá fuese así pero no, por este precio accedes a las películas estrenadas hasta ahora (que ya son 8!)

      • Ivan

        ¡Danos clases de foto: iluminación y colorización son perfectos!

        • noelalejandro

          Gracias Ivan! Se hace lo que se puede 🙂

  30. Jake

    Hey. I bought your films yesterday and I came to say thanks, for briging simple beauty in our lives.

  31. MrB

    Hello. just watched your movies and I must say I feel amazed bout the beauty and passion they are full of.

  32. Fercho

    Se puede descargar y ver desde iPhone ?

    • noelalejandro

      Hola, para poder verlo en iPhone hay que pasar los archivos por iTunes antes. No obstante puedo proveerte de enlaces google drive y la mayoría de smartphones pueden abrirlos.

  33. Aaron Hernan

    hola, estoy en México y quiero comprar las peliculas ninguna esta con subtitulo o traducida al español

    • noelalejandro

      Hola! No están subtituladas ni dobladas pero son bastante fáciles de seguir 😉

  34. Richard Rader

    Hey! How can I purchase these as a gift?

    • noelalejandro

      not by now, but if you buy it and email me with the reference I would send the mail personally to the person. 🙂

  35. Jake

    can i pay thru paypal?

    • noelalejandro

      yes, email me please.