Noel Alejandro

Noel Alejandro

Blurring the lines that separate porn from art

Noel Alejandro is an independent filmmaker and alternative adult films director who produces in both Brussels and Barcelona. Even before his first works in the adult films industry, Noel’s path has always been driven by his interest in all kinds of art that break taboos. Having chosen cinematography as his main field, he soon decided that he would push for a more sensitive way of scriptwriting, setting up his stories in order to continuously push pre-settled boundaries of filmmaking.

His career in cinema dates back to 2008, when he studied Film & Television in Barcelona. But it wasn’t until 2012 that he decided to focus his abilities in remodelling pornography. It was while working with internationally known feminist erotic filmmaker Erika Lust that Noel began to see pornography as a tool to question society’s standards and misconceptions. It wouldn’t take long until Noel realized that gay erotica has also been deeply stigmatized, and decided to represent his own interpretation of sexuality on screen.

The Catalan director studied the genre with artistic eyes, and profoundly enough to develop a clear intention to go with his creations. He aimed to portray sex in a way to express his own distresses and desires, not about sex only but also about life and existence. “It’s curious how pornography is the most exploited genre, and still the one that’s less explored” (2012). He wondered what would happen if he introduced contradictory feelings into a sex scene, like fear or sadness, and challenged himself to find forms of depicting sexuality other than the genitalia takes so typical from the industrial-style productions. He wanted to create a form of porn that’d go beyond porn itself.

His first short film Hairy, available online for free since it was released in 2011, has been watched more than 1 million times and is a huge success within alternative audiences. In 2012, Noel wrote and directed his very first erotic short film, Eloi & Biel, portraying all the nervousness, passion and naivety present in a young couple’s first encounters. The film shows the irresistible intimacy of love meeting pleasure through beautifully simple, cinematic and natural scenes, a style that would become Noel’s trademark in all his following works: Bad Medicine (2015), Roomies (2015), Thank You… (2016), The Cable Guy (2016), Doing Elliot (2016) and the newest Call me a Ghost (2017).

Noel Alejandro’s work has been hailed as unique, originative and avant-garde. It was recently said to “erase the line between art and porn”, and to emerge as “the best hope of contemporary independent gay porn”. All of his films are available for download in Noel Alejandro’s website. He is often seen on Twitter, on Vimeo, on Instagram, and of course Brussels, the city where he lives with his partner.